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Discreet or luscious, the mouth is an asset of seduction in women but also in men. The lip rejuvenation treatment is also one of the most popular treatments in medico-aesthetics and it is surely one of the most discussed on social media!

Indeed, we see everything and for all tastes!

A big part of my job when it comes to discussing a lip treatment is to demystify the dream of reality and defuse the (completely legitimate) concerns of not having a natural looking lip as a result of lip treatment. injections!

Already, you should know that there are several types of lip treatments, the most popular of which are to hydrate, plump or volumize the red lip.

Each treatment category calls for a different technique and choice of product. Simply put, I choose a thin, hydrophilic product to hydrate a lip while I go for a more viscous product to maximize a volumizing treatment. The ideal amount of hyaluromic acid for a treatment of this kind remains 1 ml regardless of the expected result since it is rather the consistency of the product and the technique used that matters to obtain a given result.

The techniques used are many, those of you who browse the “instagrams” of this world will be familiar with the various techniques that promise height, intense volume, “Russian” lips and so on. It is indeed possible to change the structure and shape of a lip with precise injections, but each case is different and it often takes several treatments to achieve the desired result! Also, some techniques are easier to perform on virgin lips such as the Russian technique for example.

Does the ideal mouth exist?

Beauty standards are constantly changing! You’ve noticed it in fashion, the styles and sizes of your glasses, feminine curves (or lack thereof), thin or thick eyebrows, examples are everywhere and lips are no exception! Think of Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner for example.

In general, the Caucasian beauty standard of the last decades proposes an upper lip slightly smaller than the lower lip at a ratio of 1/3 for the upper lip versus 2/3 for the lower lip. Other theories apply the Phi rule to establish ideal beauty ratios of 1: 1.618 better known as the “golden ratio”. Among Africans or Asians, the ratios are more like 50/50… And Bam Angelina Jolie arrives on the screen of all cinemas and no longer a single rule holds water!!

Aesthetic medicine remains an art and a science at the same time and it is therefore essential to consider the entire face before applying a rule to the letter when it comes time to inject! A personalized consultation with an experienced injector remains the best tool there is!

A bit of Theory

There are 3 parts to the lip and they can be treated independently of each other:

The red lip is the red or pink part that can be moisturized, plumped or volumized thanks to injections of hyaluronic acid. It is in this part of the lip that we can change its shape, volume ratio, height and projection. Red lip treatment is very popular among women and men of all ages! The results can be drastic just as they can be natural and subtle. The key to success: expressing your needs well, understanding our own anatomical limits, using the right product, the right technique and the right quantity! The perfect lip does not always appear from the first injection, especially if you want to change the shape of it. Indeed, some shapes are more difficult to modify than others, an “M” mouth will not become a heart mouth overnight just as a narrow and thin lip will not triple in size in one visit! That said, lip injections are also popular because they work and give satisfactory results in the majority of cases! Trying it is definitely adopting it!

The amount of product required for a lip treatment varies between ½ syringe to 3 syringes generally depending on the desired look.

The duration also varies depending on whether you are on your first injection or if you have a few years of experience! In general, the duration of treatment varies between 6 and 12 months.

The white lip is the upper part of the red lip, it is where the famous smoker’s wrinkles are (which have nothing to do with the fact of having smoked or not!) that we can alleviate with fillers, neuromodulators and laser treatments, mesotherapy and often a combination of two or three techniques! This part concerns more women than men. Think about it; have you ever seen smoker’s lines in a man? Yes, another beautiful gift from nature for us women!

Unfortunately, several anatomical factors specific to women cause perioral wrinkles. Among other things, there is thinner skin and less sebum secretion in this region compared to men and this is not without mentioning peri-menopause and menopause.

Treatments in this area are particularly delicate and require a little more patience than other types of treatment.

Their duration varies according to the technique used; neuromodulators last about 2 to 3 months, lasers and mesotherapy are done in a series of 3 to 6 treatments depending on the technology and require bi-annual maintenance, while injections of fillers with hyaluronic acid are done at the 6 to 12 months usually!

The vermilion is the contour of the lip located between the red lip and the white lip; it defines the cupid’s lip and heart design. The lip contour can be subtly redefined using hyaluronic acid injections, much like drawing the lip with a contour pencil. The result is subtle and changes very little the size of the red lip! This treatment is therefore ideal when you want to redefine the lip without plumping it and lasts about 6 to 12 months!

As a bonus; this treatment fortifies the white lip and can delay the appearance of perioral wrinkles! This treatment is indicated for women of all ages and can be done together with a volumizing treatment, a white lip treatment or alone! You choose!

A Perfect Mouth in a Perfect Frame

When analyzing a part of the face, it is important to look at it in its frame. Indeed the face is a whole and cannot be dissected into regions independent of each other.

The lower face frames the lips each piece of the puzzle should fit together. Special attention must therefore be paid to the corners of the lip; are they falling? Have the puppets manifested, does the chin have the proper projection? A qualified injector will do a complete analysis of the lower part of your face and will be able to advise you on the appropriate treatments so that your lip treatment is harmonious, natural and well supervised!

To learn more about the treatments available to you and for a personalized plan, book your free consultation now!

Mélina Feudi


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