Our Team

Melina Feudi

Mélina has 23 years of experience in the field of medical aesthetics.

She began her career in a dermatology and medical aesthetics clinic where she learned the best-kept secrets of the world of dermal injectables and laser technologies as a laser technician and aesthetic consultant. She then continued her career in the pharmaceutical industry for several years where she held different roles including that of clinical trainer where she participated with her colleagues in the medical profession in the development of an injection technique that she was able to share across Canada and parts of the United States. She participated in the marketing of several medical-aesthetic products before becoming director of medical affairs in a pharmaceutical environment leading a team of nurses responsible for teaching the safe placement of injectable products.

Mélina continued her evolution by accepting a position as national director of business development in a large chain of pan-Canadian clinics where she successfully led a team of 13 nurse injectors across Canada. In 2018, she took one of their branches under her wing to begin a new challenge, that of co-owner of the Derma MD clinic.

In 2019, Mélina obtained her diploma as a practical nurse so that she could offer injection services under medical supervision herself. Today, she dedicates her career to the success of her business while continuing to teach her peers as a clinical trainer in order to keep her knowledge up to date and continue to develop her aesthetic eye. Mélina is passionate about teaching and learning; This is why she is now continuing her studies as a registered nurse in order to better be able to serve her clients and develop new future projects.

Mélina specializes in advanced injection techniques. She has a gentle and unique approach and likes to make her patients feel informed and enlightened before undertaking any procedure.

Dr. Patrick Simard

MD.CCMF(MU) B. Pharm

Dr. Simard has been practicing aesthetic medicine since 2013. He honed his talents in some renowned clinics before joining the derma MD clinic.

Over the years, he has perfected his skills, particularly in several congresses and training courses around the world. He specializes in several techniques requiring advanced dexterity and also in male medical aesthetics. He is also an emergency physician at Notre-Dame Hospital and St-Eustache.

His philosophy is to personalize each patient according to their needs. He is always keen to keep a natural result with his patients.

Victoria Purich

After graduating from nursing school and obtaining her certification at the OIIQ in 2016, Victoria began theoretical and practical training at Refresh MD to become a nurse injector in aesthetic medicine where she then worked for 2 years. She then had the honor of joining the Derma MD team in 2018. During this time, she had the chance to learn new skills, obtain certification in laser treatment, attend several conferences on new techniques and products, and one-on-one training with some of the best injectors in Montreal.

Victoria loves treating all areas of the face to achieve her patients’ aesthetic goals, but she has a particular eye for detail and the perioral area; such as lip contour and volume.

When not pursuing her passion for medical aesthetics, she fulfills other life goals working as a community health nurse working closely with her patients in a home care setting as well as in pharmacy. She is also completing her final year at Athabasca University to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Dr Sarah Hassan

Dr. Hassan began her practice as a general practitioner in 2012. It was not until 2017 that she was piqued by an interest in medico-aesthetic medicine. She made her debut in a renowned clinic to continue her learning with experts in the field. Dr. Hassan remains on the lookout for the latest trends in medical aesthetics internationally, which allows her to better understand the demands of her patients and personalize her treatments according to the latest safety standards in the field.

She has a conservative approach that reassures her patients looking for a very natural appearance. Her career has notably led her to develop expertise in non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Dr. Hassan also works in perinatal care and renders her services as a repair doctor in remote areas.

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